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Bedbug heat treatment for Hotels

  • Control en prevention
  • Certified employees
  • Discretion assured
  • 100% solution in 1 day

Heat treatment against bed bugs

Preferably no poison in the hotel rooms. Lost the room for 1 day and then went back to renting it out. Then heat treatment is the ideal solution. We are going to heat the room between 45 and 57 degrees. This will not only kill the bedbug, but also the eggs. No residual treatment is required and your guests can safely use the room again.

This is what we will do

Step 1: Let us know that you are bothered by bed bugs

Do you suspect that you are suffering from bed bugs? Then don't wait and contact us. Because the longer you wait, the more there will be. We can often say more based on a photo via the app. If this doesn't work then:

Step 2: Research

We will come to you for an inspection. First of all, we investigate whether it is indeed bedbugs. We know what to look for and have a trained eye. We handle this discreetly. We always choose the most effective and efficient approach with the least possible inconvenience. You can count on our discreet working method.

Step 3: Treat with heat

If we come to the decision together that heat treatment is the best solution, we will make an action plan and schedule. We will discuss what preparations are needed, when we will carry it out and you will receive a quote from us.

Step 4: BedBug DestructionDay

We can usually complete the job in 1 day. This means that the room can be rented again after 1 day.

Benefits of heat treatment

  1. Get rid of the problem in 1 day
  2. No poison that needs to remain in the room for weeks
  3. Sustainable solution
  4. 100% solution

treat the bed bugs to a heat treatment

Opdrachtgevers over Kinnef:

“Kinnef Plaagdiermanagement heeft bij ons op en adequate manier de ongedierte bestrijding uitgevoerd. Wij zijn zeer tevreden over de snelheid van handelen de grondige wijze van bestrijden en de vlotte follow up. Dit bedrijf bevelen wij van harte aan.”
Dorine Pot
Locatiedirecteur kbs Sint Victor, Apeldoorn
“Ideaal om een vast aanspreekpunt te hebben, gelukkig hebben we geen last van ongedierte en wij zijn daarom ook erg blij met Jan.”
Corné Wegerif
Eigenaar Bakkerij Wegerif, Ermelo
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